• Just for Boys Reading Comprehension (Grades 6-8)

Just for Boys Reading Comprehension (Grades 6-8)

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Just for Boys Reading Comprehension, Grades 6-8
What adolescent boy can resist topics such as snowboarding, tsunamis, ipods, and airport security? This outstanding collection of original short stories, articles, interviews, and more is sure to capture - and hold - the interest of all your male students. The subject matter, characters, and graphics have been carefully chosen to relate to boys' lives, and are just the right length. Real-world applications address students' emotional development as they delve into issues like homelessness, sex education, and smoking. The before, during, and after reading exercises incorporate effective, research-based reading comprehension strategies including: activating prior knowledge, predicting, visualizing, questioning, drawing inferences, summarizing, synthesizing, monitoring, and repairing comprehension, and evaluation. Includes a teacher guide, teacher and student rubrics, and answer key.
Grade: 6-8
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