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Welcome to the amazing science of superabsorbent polymers!

Grow a treasure trove of colorful, squishy crystals just by adding water. You'll also discover the secrets of the amazing substance that scientists call the superabsorbents, which scientists use to do everything from scientific discovery to crime-solving. With the components of this kit, you'll be able to:

- Learn about the amazing science of the superabsorbent polymer as you grow giant, colorful, gooey, jelly crystals that look just like jewels.
- Use more super-absorbent polymer science to grow big, colorful squishy "fish eggs" and play the slimiest game of marbles in town.
- Become a jelly-crystallologist as you carefully sort these jelly-pearls, then watch as they grow to giant jelly sizes.
- Uncover the secret of pearls - ;where do they come from, and why are they made?
- Use your giant jelly polymer pearls to learn about the physics of bounce.
- Make scientific observations, record your hypotheses, and perform scientific calculatins

And more! You'll be amazed by the science secrets within this box of colorful squishy treasure - ;and your friends will, too.

Science Principles explored in this kit: biology, physics, applied science, scientific method

Ages 8 and up
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