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Jewel Of Truth

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For 2-4 players or teams, ages 8 and up. Expose your innermost secrets and the magic jewel of truth will reveal your future! Players eagerly await to see if the magical crystal will point to their colorful jewel. If it does, the player reveals a secret, a like or dislike, while other players try to guess what she will say. If answers match, players earn fortune cards. The first to win 5 different fortune cards wins. There are many stories shared and lots of giggles during play! Contents: Magical Jewel of Truth crystal game board, 68 fortune cards with holder, 55 question cards, 4 jewels, 4 answer trays, rules. Magical crystal points to jewel and player reveals secret while players guess what will be said. For 2-4 Players or Teams. Ages 8
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