• Interactive Science Kits Tornado Tube Classroom Kit

Interactive Science Kits Tornado Tube Classroom Kit

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A classroom kit for up to 24 students!

Tornado Tube? Mania!

A simple device connects two plastic bottles and suddenly your students are discovering a whirling vortex of air and water!

The ingenious design of a simple piece of tubular plastic opens a world of thought-provoking possibilities for your class. The patented Tornado Tube? connects two plastic bottles in such a way that when water is added and the bottles are swirled, a vortex of water and air is created. The experiment is simple, but the possibilities are endless. Your students can use this device to hypothesize, observe, measure, experiment, and discover.

The Tornado Tube? activity book is filled with 50 activities and a complete section exploring the science of tornadoes. Each kit contains enough bottles and Tornado Tubes? for six groups. Materials are included for a number of different experiments, and activity guide contains ideas for many more. The kit includes a teacher activity guide and a student discovery page master for follow-up learning.

Experiments and explanations can be adapted to many age and ability levels. For instance, younger children gain confidence as they are enabled to build the tornado tube themselves and perform the very visual, hands-on experiments. Intermediate students will discover science principles for themselves (that air has mass and volume, for instance, and that things in motion want to stay in motion.) Older students can design and perform experiments and follow up with mathematical calculations.

Included in this kit:

- 1 Teacher activity guide
- 1 Student discovery page master
- 1 Tornado Tube activity book with Tube
- 5 loose Tornado Tubes?
- 6 1-liter bottles
- 6 16 oz. bottles
- 1 Gallon bag, white Styrofoam beads
- 1 Pack of coloring tablets

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