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Stickers are an integral part of every classroom. The reason is simple, kids love stickers, and they are a great motivational tool used by teachers everywhere. Reward stickers can be used for motivating and encouraging almost any student. Star stickers are an all-time favorite and for a good reason since a star ticker has many uses such as using them homework and printables as well as using them with motivation charts that track long term classroom progress. Another favorite sticker types are smelly stickers or scratch and sniff  (Stinky Stickers®), kids love these stickers since they are an interactive activity while therapists and teachers love them since they also encourage practicing fine motor skills.

Besides classroom use, stickers are one of the best tools to use in daycares and childcare centers.  School stickers can also be used to many types of activities, and the now popular mini stickers can be used with mini charts as well as many reusable sticker books.
If you are looking cheap stickers or bulk stickers for teachers or school name labels, we got you covered.