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Ice Fishing

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Explore the fun of ice fishing in your own home with this fun kit. The included colored fish grow and grow when you add water. Enjoy some hands-on learning fun as you grow squishy, fishy polymer pals, and measure and keep track of the fish's growth. Grow them one at a time to more easily compare their characteristics before and after hydration. The incredible secret is the science of superabsorbent polymers that absorb many times their weight in water. You'll learn more about these incredible molecules as you grow polymer "ice" that looks just like ice cubes. Use them to design and try experiments using things in your own house - ;if they grow in water, will they also grow in milk, soda pop, vegetable oil, or salt water? Try it and see! You'll also learn about evaporation as you watch them shrink back to his original size when exposed to air.

With this kit you will:

- Grow squishy, fishy polymer pets.
- Add water to grow giant polymer "ice cubes" that look amazingly real.
- Use physics magic to make the "ice" disappear and reappear.
- Learn about evaporation and the amazing superabsorbent polymer.

And more! This kit is great for young scientists of all ages. Younger scientists learn observational skills as they compare the fish and the "ice" before and after soaking. Intermediate scientists gain confidence as they "do it themselves" (with supervision from an adult assistant, of course!) More advanced scientists are able to design and carry out their own experiments, and to make measurements and scientific calculations. Cool and fishy fun!

Science Principles explored in this activity: chemistry, applied chemistry, physics

This toy packs a ton of science learning into a small package, and offers your young scientists a very hands-on approach to science fun. You can easily incorporate the scientific method to principles learned by experimenting with your polymer ice. Superabsorbent polymers are safe to poke, prod, pinch, or squeeze through your fingers. As a possible choking hazard, keep them away from pets and babies. Experiment components can be disposed of in the garbage either dry or hydrated (just don't push them down the drain or they'll wreak hydrated havoc on your pipes.) Be sure to set up your young scientist's laboratory in a place that won't be threatened by a little (inevitable) spilled water - ;after all, the mess is half the fun! The other half is the incredible science smarts, so have fun exploring.

Included in this kit:
- Giant test tube
- Fish (2)
- Bag of polymer "ice"

Ages 8 and up
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