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Hot Dots Classroom Kit

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Classroom kit comes with instructions, samples, and reproducible templates for creating your own learning games, activity cards, study sheets, self-correcting quizzes, and other customized classroom materials. Includes 6 pens, 18 sheets of dots (3,420 cold dots and 1,710 hot dots), and a 24-page teacher's guide. One of the most creative teacher aids ever developed! Add more fun to any learning experience with the Hot Dots Power Pen! Touch the pen to a 'hot' dot, and the Power Pen responds instantly with lights and any of four positive reward sounds; touch to a 'cold' dot and hear a 'BOING' indicating an incorrect answer. Hot Dots provide immediate feedback turning any practice session into instant learning fun! Make your own self-correcting quizzes, flash cards, or other customized classroom materials. Use on flash cards, quizzes, or study sheets for independent, self-checking lessons. Peel 'em - Use conductive ink dots to create games and activities for anything! Stick 'em - Turn any surface into a learning activity! Play 'em - Hot Dots Power Pen responds to conductive ink dots with positive or negative sound and light effects!
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