Welcome adorable furry friends into the classroom with Hot Diggity Dogs 65-piece bulletin board set. The Hot Diggity Dogs collection features an assortment of lively little creatures in contrasting designs and patterns with a splash of vivid color to keep the classroom fun and engaging without being distracting. Includes 1 header, 1 text overlay, 5 dog house ( largest 11" x 12"), 1 water fountain, 1 fire Hydrant, 34 dogs (largest 6.25" x 4.75"), 11 bones (largest 5" x 2.25"), 6 street sign overlays (2.5" x .75"), 2 dogs with ball (7.7" x 7.5"), 2 street signs (6" x 9.75") and 1 Ball (3" x 3"). This new and adorable Bulletin Board Set proves that colorful, fashionable classroom decorations can do more than just decorate—they help motivate students and promote a creative, positive classroom environment while still being versatile enough to stay up all year.
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