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Hearall Assessment Recorder

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Hear way beyond! Authentically assess students' skills and participation in small groups. Designed with 4 omni-directional microphones to capture clear recordings with dramatically reduced background noise. Play back, download and share files (WAV or MP3) with specialists or parents, or upload to portfolios. Records up to 4 hours of audio from reading groups, learning centers, listening and speaking activities, speech therapy and more!

- Provides an extra set of "ears" when the teacher cannot be there
- Designed for group use -- offers clear recordings with dramatically reduced background noise
- Captures students' natural speech and interactions
- Hear which students are involved, participate or lead the group
- Facilitates passive assessment for students reluctant to talk when teacher is present
- Save several recordings over time to review or compare later
- Is ideaL for assessment in reading groups, centers, listening and speaking, intervention, dramatic play areas, speech and language therapy, and more
- Is self-contained plus downloads to your computer (PC, Mac) so you can send files to other teachers, parents and specialists
- Upload to your class website, virtual learning network or assessment files
- Choose the file format/size that's right for you
- Adapts to various activities and students' needs
- Helps you navigate the controls and recordings
- Allows the teacher to listen quietly to recordings
- Eliminates the cost of replacement batteries
- Is stylish, unobtrusive and conveniently portable
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