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Hear & Go Seek Animal Sounds

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The listen-and-match game that makes learning fun! Hear & Go Seek Animal Sounds is the fun, easy way for young learners to develop important early literacy and listening skills! Players listen carefully to the CD for familiar animal sounds. If the animals making those sounds correctly match the animals pictured on their game boards, players place game pieces on the matching pictures. The first player to fill his or her game board wins! Featuring photographic pictures that appeal to young learners, Hear & Go Seek Animal Sounds teaches vocabulary recognition of common animal sounds. It also improves observation and short-term memory, while helping children develop listening, visual discrimination, and critical thinking skills. Hear & Go Seek Animal Sounds can accommodate small or large group play up to 12 players. It can also be used by a single player to reinforce visual and auditory vocabulary recognition. It's a perfect game for the classroom as a positive reward or an expansion of a unit theme, and it's ideal to play at home as well. Plus, each game includes an instruction sheet with suggestions for additional vocabulary-building activities. Play Hear & Go Seek and discover the sounds of learning fun!
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