Hands-On Learning: Shape Lace-Up Cards

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10 Lace-Up Cards!
Ten different shapes with colorful heavy-duty lace-up cards along with 10- 42ý woven nylon laces with 1ý long sewing ends for ease of handling by small children. Each card is plastic coated for durability and strength representing a different shape providing for different fine motor and eye-hand coordination challenges with each card. Also includes a 2-page activity guide!

Shape Lace-Up Cards are designed to meet the following key instructional goals:
- identifying and naming 10 basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangel, oval, rhombus, star, heart, pentagon, hexagon
- identifying, sorting, and classifying objects by attribute (shape) and identifying objects that do not belong to a particular group
- developing fine-motor and cognitive learning skills
- reading simple shape names

10 shape lace-up cards, 10 multi-color 42" heavy-duty laces, 2-pg activity guide Lace-Up Cards: 10" x 7.5" Box: 8.5" x 11" x 2.25"
Grades PreK-1
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