Hands-On Learning: Beginning Sound Puzzles

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20 Puzzles!
20 different skill puzzles in each kit teach and reinforce the skills being learned while enhancing the retention of the skill, through the visual and tactile stimulation in the brain of early learners. These 8ýx 8ý five piece two-sided plastic coated puzzles, are durable with rounded corners, and a great size for small hands to easily manipulate and experience success. Each puzzle is self-checking and skill based. Child matches the four picture/word puzzle pieces for each consonant letter of the alphabet to the correct center letter puzzle piece to complete each puzzle. Also includes a 2-page activity guide!

Beginning Sound Puzzles are designed to meet the following key instructional goals:
- naming the letters of the alphabet
- learning uppercase and lowercase letters
- developing automaticity (fluency) with alphabet recognition skills
- distinguishing confusing letters
- identifying letter sounds

10 5-piece, 2-sided, Self-checking puzzles 2-pg activity guide Puzzles: 8" x 8" Box: 8.5" x 11" x 2.25"
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