Hands-On Learning: Animal Lace-Up Cards

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10 Lace-Up Cards!
10 different colorful heavy-duty lace-up cards (5 are lace-by-numbers 1-20, 5 are lace-by-letter), are included in each kit along with 10- 42ý woven nylon laces with 1ý long sewing ends for ease of handling by small children. Each card is plastic coated for durability and strength representing a different animal or shape providing for different fine motor and eye-hand coordination challenges with each card. Either numbers or letters of the alphabet direct the lacing sequence providing for additional learning over other sewing cards. The Lacing Cards have also been designed to reinforce a left to right sequence of motion. Also includes a 2-page activity guide!

Animal Lace Up Cards are designed to meet the following key instructional goals:
- recognizing and naming uppercase letters in alphabetical order
- developing automaticity (fluency) with alphabet recognition skills
- reading numbers in order, 1-20
- counting and recognizing whole numbers 1-20
- developing fine motor and cognitive learning skills

5 "lace-by-numbers 1-20" lace-up cards, 5 "lace-by-letter" lace-up cards, 10 multi-color 42" heavy-duty laces, 2-pg activity guide Lace-Up Cards: 10" x 7.5" Laces: 42" with 1" sewing ends Box: 8.5" x 11" x 2.25"
Grades PreK-1
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