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Hammer & Nails

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This hands-on activity helps build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while children learn to recognize shapes and different sizes while hammering patterns on a cork board. Make your own patterns or play with the work-cards in an exciting game format. 1-2 players. Ages 4-8.

2 Cork Boards (5.9" x 5.9"), 72 Plastic Geometric Shapes, 72 Nails, 10 Work Cards, 1 Hammer, 1 Spinner

An excellent game to enhance fine motor skills. One of our top-selling games, Hammer & Nails proves to be a winner year after year!

To learn to recognize and name different shapes and sizes while developing visual perception, hand and arm control, and hand-eye coordination.

Age Level: 4-8

Grade Level: PreK-3
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