• Great Scientists In Action

Great Scientists In Action

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How much do your students know not only about the accomplishments, but also the backgrounds of famous scientists? The information in this book makes it clear that successful scientists do not come from any particular race, gender or social standing. They are a diverse group, but what they do have in common is curiosity and willingness to work hard to have their questions answered. Your students will be inspired as they discover how hard most great scientists had to struggle to succeed. The lives of Aristotle, Isaac Newton, George Washington Carver, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and many others, will inspire students with the realization that it isn't always the students with the best grades in school who turn out to be the scientific leaders of their generation. Rather, the ones who have inquiring minds and great powers of concentration are those who make great discoveries. Students will enjoy doing the simple but interesting experiments suggested to make discoveries about everything from gravity to making peanut butter. An answer key is included at the back of the book.
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