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Mix up your own batch of gravity-defying goop!

Liquids can't flow uphill, can they? With this amazing kit, you'll mix up your own batch of gravity-defying goop that flows uphill as it "self-siphons" from one cup to another. Just add water (and some mad-scientist back-and-forth pouring) to create this awesome ooze. Use the fizzing color tablets to make the "goop" in all kinds of colors. This little package makes up a ton of fun--the included powder makes a quart and a half of liquid goop. Also included are the amazing "Clear Spheres" that absorb up to 300 times their weight in water to become slimy jelly balls that BOUNCE. You'll learn to connect these spherical wonders to your Gravi-Goop so that it takes them along for the ride as it sneaks uphill. You won't believe this incredible stuff!

Science Principles explored in this kit: chemistry, applied science

This is really amazing stuff, and both you and your young scientist will be amazed. The hands-on nature of the preparation helps kids to know that they are doing real science, and the very visual nature of the goop as it climbs will have everyone intrigued. The other included components allow kids to customize and explore as they discover the world of polymer science. Gravi-Goop is safe to poke, pinch, prod, and squeeze through your fingers. It rinses easily from skin and water-safe, hard surfaces, but is harder to remove from white carpets and furniture, so choose a good place for your young scientist's laboratory. Once you find a mess-safe spot, though, go ahead and appreciate the goop--a little mess is half the fun. The other half is the awesome science exploration and learning, so get ready to discover!

Gravi-Goop is a unique substance that was specially created by scientists just for clever, science-minded kids like you. It combines the properties of two kinds of amazing polymers in order to act in a very unusual way. Like polyacrylamide polymers, it soaks up water like a sponge. But it can also link to other molecules the way acrylic co-polymers do. The end result is a mass of crazy goo made just for you!

Included in this kit:

- Giant test tube
- Blue scoop
- Gravi-goop powder
- Packet of clear spheres
- True color tablets
- Instructions

Ages 8 and up
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