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Geovision Lab Microscope

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Grades 3 and up. From bugs to bacteria, the Lab Microscope provides students with a lab-quality classroom science experience. With its durable, die-cast all-metal body and precision ground optical glass lenses, this microscope features superior-quality components for years of very high quality viewing. Three professional-size, turret-mounted, all-glass objective lenses (7x, 15x, 40x) combine with a 10x wide-field eyepiece to provide magnifications of 70x, 150x, and 400x for optimum viewing flexibility. Plus, the achromatic lens design eliminates color distortion around specimens. Precision rack and pinion metal focusing gearing and two-way built-in light sources (mirror and bulb) deliver large, clear images. A color filter wheel makes structures in hard-to-view samples stand out. Safety stop prevents students from cracking slides while focusing. Not a toy, but a quality scientific instrument, the GeoVision Lab Microscope is a valuable addition to any science program. Recommended for upper-elementary to high school students
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