What do DVD players, high-tech security systems, and holograms all have in common? Lasers! Now your child can learn more about the science of light, and the properties that make lasers so unique and valuable to our everyday life. Includes a real laser with three cool projection settings: a dot, line, and star. Also includes everything you might need for conducting safe, at-home laser experiments: a diffraction grating, mirrors, and a blank microscope slide. Comes with a guide with five laser experiments and activities, and an online link to five additional activities. This fascinating learning set will help grow your child's interest in physics and optics, and is fantastic for science fair projects.Ages 8+The nitty-gritty:· Laser with 3 settings: dot, line, and star (Class 1 laser—wavelength is 650nm)· 1 Diffraction grating, a transparent material that bends light· 2 Mirrors· 2 Stands· 1 Blank microscope slide· Guide with 5 activities· 5 Additional online activities· Requires 2 AAA batteries(not included)
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