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Project the fast-paced fun and learning effectiveness of the award-winning GeoSafari learning system onto a wall or screen for the entire classroom to see and play! Use the unit on any standard corner post overhead projector with special lesson card transparencies (lesson sets sold separately below). Liquid crystal display (LCD) indicators point to questions and provide game, answer, and scoring information. Student teams use two hand-held, cordless, radio frequency operated remote control devices to respond to questions in geography, science, and math. Four game Modes: 1) Preview/Review mode - Unit randomly asks, then answers a question at a teacher-controlled pace. 2) One-controller mode - For teacher-directed class exercises. 3) Two-controller (alternating) mode - Two students or teams trade off answering questions. 4) 'Game show' mode - Extra excitement as two student teams answer questions simultaneously. First to hit their 'GO' button gets a chance to answer the question and earn points! Automatic scoring and game operation. External speaker jack can even be hooked up to a PA system for very large group contests. For two players or teams. Includes main unit, two radio remote controllers, AC adapter and hard-shell carrying case. Radio remote controllers require 4 AA cell batteries each (not included).
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