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GeoSafari Talking Telescope

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200 facts and questions! With the GeoSafari Talking Telescope, children explore the world of animals and outer space. Kids get an up-close VIEW of 12 animals and 8 space-age phenomena as they HEAR cool facts or TEST their knowledge in fun quiz games. Images include animals from koalas to Komodo dragons and outer space phenomena from Saturn to the International Space Station. PLUS, the detachable telescope encourages young adventurers to set out on their own expeditions!

Develops listening comprehension skills and teaches children important science concepts about animals and outer space. Features beautiful images from NASA, built-in storage for all 20 slides, detachable telescope (3X magnification) for on-the-go exploring, and battery-saving automatic shut-off. Two motivating game modes-Facts and Quiz-speak 200 fun facts and questions with realistic sound effects.

Includes detachable telescope with 3X magnification, 20 full-color slide images (12 animals, 8 outer space), and instruction guide.

The Talking Telescope speaks 200 Fun Facts
  • Koala: Baby Koalas are the size of a jellybean.
  • Wolf: A Wolf's howl can be heard six miles away.
  • Komodo Dragon: They use their special forked tongue to smell food as far away as seven miles.
  • Moon: One huge crater on the moon is as wide as Texas.
  • Jupiter: 1,000 earths could fit inside Jupiter.
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