Dig in and see what you can uncover with the GeoSafari® Jr. Great Excavations Turtle™! Perfect for budding scientists and explorers, this durable Turtle comes with some seriously fun, kid-friendly tools that detach easily for any excavation or adventure. The sifter, mini shovel, brush, magnifier, and tweezers are all ideal accompaniments for exciting exploration at the beach, on the playground, or in your very own backyard!Plus, the Turtle is designed for quick and easy tool re-attachment, so cleanup is always a snap.Ages 3+The nitty-gritty:· Turtle measures 5.5" wide and 8.5" long· Turtle shell sifting tool· Head and tail handles· Legs detach and transform into 4 easy snap-in mini-tools:- Mini shovel- Brush- 2x Magnifier- Tweezers· Each tool includes a unique, easy snap-in shape
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