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Take 'N' Play Anywhere™ Checkers

Magnetic Checkers means game fun anywhere you go! The convenient 6.75" square tin case makes it easy to slip the games into most bags to take everywhere and keep kids entertained on a trip, waiting at...


Word Shout® Roll It, Find It, Say It, Take It!™

You've got to let loose in this wild word-grabbing game! You never know what words the roll of the letter dice will make...just find them fast and shout them out to be sure you get them before anyone ...


Dice Activities for Math Book & CD

Sharpen your students' number skills with these fun dice games and activities! These classroom-tested activities focus on the NCTM standard of number and operation. Dice Activities for Math also addr...


Patterns and Sorting Learning Center, Grades K-1

Develop essential student skills in patterning and sorting of objects through engaging game play complemented with matching activities to develop basic sorting, categorizing and graphing concepts. Des...


Ladybug Letters Puzzle Game

Learn the alphabet with ladybug puzzles. Each correctly assembled two-piece ladybug results in a letter match. Turn the ladybug over to see a completed photograph of something that begins with that le...


Punctuation Dice

Punctuation Dice are a collection of three soft dice (x2) for teaching different punctuation marks and their use in text. Roll the dice and create sentences or text that use the punctuation marks show...


The SPAG Game

The SPAG game is an engaging game for teaching spelling, punctuation and grammar, or SPAG. Students roll the die and follow the color they land on to answer a SPAG question. First to the finish wins...


Polydron Classroom Set K-5

A complete set designed to be used for an entire classroom. Materials for up to 30 students includes over 400 shapes and Investigating Mathematics Using Polydronr and Frameworks activity book packaged...


Dot Foam Dice Set, 2/pkg

Roll out the fun with these Foam Dot Dice. Great for board games, educational games, birthday parties and plenty more. Use for your own math games to teach addition, subtraction, number recognition, m...


Everyday Objects Bingo

A fun and educational twist on traditional Bingo! Everyday Objects Picture Recognition Bingo combines the tried and true fun of bingo with beautiful real photos of 50 common objects. Kids won't even k...


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