• Game-Based Learning System Grade 4

Game-Based Learning System Grade 4

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Grade 4 Curriculum Mastery Game
Study Group Edition (4 Students)
Innovative, game-based learning system was developed by teachers and classroom-tested! Each game features 200 illustrated, standards-based review questions providing comprehensive coverage of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Also includes double-sided, laminated game board, 4 game pieces, 1 die, easy-to-follow instructions and a FREE online subscription to additional questions, interactive games, flash-cards, assessments and more!

Language Arts: Syllables/Spelling Patterns; Text Features; High Frequency Words I; High Frequency Words II; Drawing Conclusions; Supporting Details; Interpret Information; Writing Elements; Punctuation; Spelling; Math: Rounding Numbers; Data Analysis; Problem Solving; Addition/Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Add/Subtract Fractions; Algebra; Geometry; Elapsed Time; Science: Cells - ; The Building Blocks of Living Things; Plant Structures & Functions; Invertebrates - ; Animals without Backbones; Vertebrates - ; Animals with Backbones; Classifying Organisms; Food Webs/Food Chains; Rocks & Minerals; Force, Motion & Energy; Electricity & Magnetism; Light & Sound; Social Studies: States & Capitals I; States & Capitals II; Native People of the US; The US Court System; The US Constitution; US Congress; US Senate; The Presidency; US Presidents; Civil War.
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