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Rainbow Designer Mat™, Green

Kids will dream easy on our KinderMat Rainbow Designer rest mats. Perfect for school, home, and daycare. These mats are non-folding and measure 2" x 22" x 48". All of our mats are made in the USA with...


Triumph Display Easel

Ghent's Triumph display easel is a new idea in presentation products that delivers dependable usage at a price that will amaze you. With the Triumph's patented design, there are no twisting knobs and ...


Ghent Aluminum Frame Corkboard, 18" x 24"

Ghent's Natural Cork Bulletin Board provides years of reliable service under the heaviest use. Our natural cork surface is laminated to a sealed back fiberboard to make sure pins and tacks don't damag...


Shelf File with Label Holder, Wide, Purple

The Wide Shelf File with the featured label holder can store even more of your classrooms books or magazines. The lowered front allows easy access and the ability to quickly see what is inside...


Accessories For 1" Maprail, Flag Holder

This 1" maprail flag holder is made for Ghent's 1" maprails. About Ghent's 1" Maprails (sold separately): The perfect tack surface when space is limited. Ghent's 1" maprails feature a durable alumin...


Cork Message Bars, 2" x 20", Set of 3

Cork message bars are perfect for small spaces and allow easy access to the important stuff! Cork message bars can be cut to fit the space and mounted in any quantity or configuration. Self-healing co...


Chalk Board, 18" x 24", Black

Save paper by using a time tested and reusable writing surface. Black chalk boards are the perfect size for school, office and home message centers. Works well for handwriting practice, working equati...


Mini crate, school Red

Bring the convenience of crate storage to your desktop. Features interlocks and can be stacked in every direction to create a customized and unique desktop storage solution. Solid bottom keeps smaller...


Heavy-Duty KinderMat, 1" thick

Heavy-Duty KinderMat rest mat, is just how it sounds, durable, strong, and tough. The blue/teal dual color design makes it easy to assign a side to lay on, and a side to lay on the floor. Made of a to...


Book Basket, Green

Book Basket with carry handles. Great for classroom and library storage needs. Includes Label Holder built into one handle...


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