The new Classroom Coordinates in the Fresh Sorbet design provides teachers with a complete classroom solution for decorating and showing off their own sense of style! The right color shade can transform a distracted, frazzled environment into a calm and focused space. This new, unique and functional Bulletin Board Set proves that colorful, fashionable classroom decorations can do more than just decorate—they help motivate students and promote a creative, positive classroom environment while still being versatile enough to stay up all year. This 40-piece set includes 1 birthday chart, 1 calendar, 1 incentive chart, 1 all-purpose chart, 35 calendar cover-ups (2 1/2" x 2") and a door label (8 7/8" X 17"). All charts are 17" x 24". Look for coordinating products in this color pallet designed to create an exciting and cohesive classroom theme!
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