Fraction Matchin

Build equivalent fractions and win! The perfect fraction center activity! Add, compare and reduce fractions to figure out the answer. Include advanced cards in play for an additional challenge. Engaging multi-sensory game play motivates math practice and develops a deeper understanding of fractions and multiples. Self-checking game board provides immediate feedback. Includes multilingual activity guide. Ages 8+ / Grades 3+ For 2-6 PlayersIncludes:- Game board, sandtimer, 39 game cards (25 beginner and 14 advanced) and 50 plastic fraction pieces color-coded to correspond with our other fraction materials- Plastic game board measures 111/2"W x 10"H x 1/2"DHow to Play- Turn over a card and read the fraction- See if you have the tiles to make that fraction or its equivalent - Place the tiles in the game board to self-check; discard those tiles if you're correct- Get rid of all your tiles first to win!
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