Fonts4Teachers Unlimited School Site License (CD-ROM WINDOWS/MACINTOSH)

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Install on ALL computers at a single school and ALL home computers of teachers and faculty. Create custom handwriting lessons (manuscript, D'Nealian-style and cursive) with Fonts4Teachers, the best collection of teacher fonts available! Create professional-looking activity sheets for handwriting, math, phonics, reading, social studies, science, and language arts practice - in just a few minutes! Fonts4Teachers is not a program, but a set of 31 custom fonts that you can scale to all sizes and use with almost any application! Includes special tracing, lined, and arrowed fonts PLUS phonics, math, and decorative fonts for hundreds of classroom applications. Includes 5 CD-ROMs, 5 teacher guides, and 5 lesson plan booklets with sample worksheets and hundreds of ideas! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Mac and Windows compatible. Apple: Any Macintosh computer with at least 4 MB of free RAM. Windows: Personal computer using 386 or faster processor, Microsoft Windows 3.1, Win 95, Win 98 or Win NT, with at least 4 MB of RAM.
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