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Find It Games Deluxe Edition

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Now the whole family can play a fast paced game with a Deluxe Find It Game containing over 70 hidden items.ÿ The game includes a card deck of cards, spinner, a timer, check of pad, and instructions for 6 ways to play and variations to adapt for younger players.ÿ Basic play: Each player is dealt seven cards that vary in point value. At the beginning of each turn spin the timer to determine the action required prior to play (add points, miss a turn, trade hands etc.)ÿ Look fast!ÿ You will have 30 seconds to try to find a many items as possible.ÿ Play continues until someone finds all of their items and runs out of cards.ÿ Find It Deluxe Edition is the perfect party or family game.ÿ For two or more players, age 8 through adult.
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