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WHERE Did the Civil War Happen? See yourself via historic documents, Google maps, virtual road trips, battlefields, photographs, landmarks, and more!

This book on "where" the Civil War took place takes an innovative, far more understandable, approach with young readers as they explore the geography of the war from a cinemascope look, as well as bird's eye views of America at the start of the war, the design and purpose of forts, earthworks, etc., the set-up of a battlefield, where soldiers were buried, and so much more. "Where" to a young reader is not all about geography, but more about making sense of place, whether that's along the Underground Railroad, or face-to-face on the skirmish line.

This book includes a combination of funky, radical, text-based non-fiction graphic novels awash in drama and commentary with speedy but thorough stories, all in first person, and often the words of an actual participant. This book is FUN TO READ. Civil War, fun-it can be done! Absolutely no "content warning" on these books, except BEWARE: You may not be able to put it down, kid! By GALLOPADE
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