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Incorporate touch, one of the most important senses for early childhood development, into exciting game play. Two levels of play allow beginners to match 24 object cards with corresponding pictures and more advanced players to put their sense of touch to work by trying to recognize the object card by feeling its shape. 2-7 players. Ages 3-6.

4 Game Boards, 24 Special Shaped Game Cards, 4 Pairs of Cardboard Opaque Glasses

An excellent game to enhance fine motor and concentration skills.

In this special lotto game, the child uses one of the most important senses for development, in general, and motor skills, in particular - the sense of touch. In the game, the child feels a game card and tries to recognize the picture on it by identifying its shape. The game also enriches children's vocabulary and knowledge, helps to develop their ability to match and teaches them the names of the pictures.

Age Level: 3-6

Grade Level: PreK-1
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