• E-Z Grader Software Grade/Lesson Cd-Rom Windows/Macintosh

E-Z Grader Software Grade/Lesson Cd-Rom Windows/Macintosh

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With e.ZGrader Gradebook/Lesson Plan Software, you can set up your Science, Art, and Social Study lesson plans, copy and paste, delete or add information, print the lesson plans in three different formats, direct your lesson plans, then easily enter them into the grade book... all with the speed and convenience of your personal computer! Designed for both the IBM and Apple Macintosh platforms, our grade-book and lesson plan software enables you to enter your own grading methodology and develop specific daily lesson plans, which are automatically incorporated into your gradebook. Use e.ZGrader Gradebook/Lesson Plan Software to print reports on student progress, attendance, class standing, missing assignments, class objectives, topics, materials, and even seating charts! And because it?s from E-Z Grader, it's automated with the calculating power of all our most popular grading charts. The easy to install software comes on one feature-filled CD-ROM and one step-by-step guide CD-ROM. It?s truly an innovation in planning and grading that no teacher should be without.
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