• Eye Know Trivia Game

Eye Know Trivia Game

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The Visual Trivia Betting Game

Everyone can play, anyone can win!

It's time to put your visual memory and general knowledge to work. Identify great images and place strategic bets on trivia to build your stack of chips.
Fast Paced Action!

* Play in 30-60 minutes
* 2 or more players or teams
* Ages 14

Showcasing the world through images!

Challenge your friends and compete to collect the most game chips by identifying images and answering intriguing trivia questions.
Now you control the action!

Select a card you'd like to play from the amazing array of images and topics on the game board. Choose from people, animals, monuments, inventions, symbols, maps and more! Identify the image and get ready for more fun.
Bet on what you think you know!

Great risk may equal great reward. How much are you willing to risk? Each card offers you three questions, each with a different level of reward:

* True/false question (1:1 payout)
* Multiple-choice question (2:1 payout)
* Open-ended question (3:1 payout).

If the card is about one of your favorite topics, go all in. If you're less sure of a topic, you're free to make a more cautious wager. The most chips win!
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