• Explorers Of The New World Time Line

Explorers Of The New World Time Line

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An exciting new presentation of timely and timeless material. The Explorers Time Line is sure to spark students' interest in some of history's most fascinating explorers.

What makes a person actually venture out and become an explorer? Some of the 53 men and women spotlighted here were motivated by greed, hoping that in the New World they would find gold and silver. Some fervently wanted to share their religious beliefs with those who were previously unreached by their faith. Others were commissioned by their governments to explore, conquer, and claim new territories for their country. And some were driven simply by wanderlust, to see new people and new places on distant shores.

Included here you will find men and women from backgrounds of all kinds. Some were born into nobility; others were poor farmers. Some were college graduates; others were self-educated. The lives of these explorers ended in as many different ways as they began. Some did indeed become rich and famous, while others did impoverished and unknown. You will find many names that often appear in social studies textbooks, and you will find names of lesser-known adventurers from around the world who also made significant contributions to global understanding.

The information in this book is excellent for research projects, multiple intelligence lessons, biography writing, cooperative learning assignments, and as a refreshing supplement to textbook history lessons.
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