Introduce your PreK students to basic math concepts such as counting, sorting, and measuring, while developing important oral language skills. This resource book provides explicit scripting for 100 daily lessons. Also included are 20 fun hands-on activities to apply math skills, and a weekly Home—School connection page in English and Spanish to extend learning at home. Each daily 10- to 15-minute lesson is organized around discussion questions that invite students to think critically about the math concepts, use new vocabulary, and demonstrate their understanding. A weekly unit follows this format: Day 1: Introduce the weekly concept, read a story, and guide students through an activity. Days 2, 3, and 4: Discuss the Day 1 story and concept, and practice or extend the concept through the day's activity page. Day 5: Reinforce the week's math concept with a fun hands-on math activity. Send home the Home—School connection activity page. Everyday Literacy: Math provides 20 weeks of standards-aligned math skills, as well as literacy skills, including: number sense measurement algebra geometry mathematical thinking and reasoning data analysis oral language development comprehension
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