• Everyday Assessment With Reading Rods

Everyday Assessment With Reading Rods

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Get the most out of Reading Rodsr! This professional book provides a comprehensive assessment strategy for teachers using Reading Rodsr. Increasing education regulation in the classroom is placing unprecedented pressure on teachers to meet state reading standards. More than ever, teachers need new strategies to assess each student's reading level as part of any reading program. This book provides a detailed overview of the latest reading research and reading teaching methods, as well as a high interest approach to hands-on reading assessment activities using Reading Rodsr. Contents are aligned with the National Reading Panel's study of evidence-based reading research, and Put Reading First, the Partnership for Reading's report on successful reading achievement. 1. Overview of the Leading Research on Reading Education in the United States 2. No Child Left Behind and Reading First 3. Assessment and Evaluation 4. Learning Resourcesr Products 5. Phonemic and Phonological Awareness 6. Phonics 7. Vocabulary 8. Fluency 9. Text Comprehension This pragmatic framework will help your students become better readers and succeed in the reading portions of standardized tests. A great assessment tool. Hardcover, 7.375" x 9.25", 224 pages.
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