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ETERNAS is a clever new 3-dimentsional strategy game of four in a row. The rules and concepts are simple enough to appeal to students as young as 4 years old and as old as 94! But, don't let the simplicity fool you. While ETERNAS is quick and easy to learn, there is a depth of strategy that will keep your students thinking. ETERNAS is a four in a row style game in which the first player to place four beads of their color in a row; either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, wins the game. HOWEVER... unlike other 4-in-a-row games, ETERNAS is designed for borderless play in the round. This totally changes the necessary problem-solving approach!! If all 16 beads are placed on the round and no one has connected 4 in a row, players must reallocate their beads. But, be careful not to forget why that bead was placed there in the first place! The rules have been drafted so that there is always a winner; no ties, stalemates, or cat's games. Because it can absorb 2 students in quiet concentration for 8-10 minutes, it's the perfect game to keep out on the table for students who finish their work early.
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