• Essential Skills Math 2 Cds Gr 6

Essential Skills Math 2 Cds Gr 6

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Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if the students in your classroom could acquire the skills they need to be ready for on-grade instruction? This series of books is designed to do just that! Based on standards from all the national organizations and several states, the authors have determined the top prerequisite skills that a student going into a certain grade level should have to be successful in that grade. They have designed lessons based on the findings of leading educational researchers. And they have developed a practical, teacher-tested system for preparing students to master the content that states require them to know. Each book in the Essential Skills series is full of straightforward lessons and activities to activate students' prior knowledge of a particular skill. Upon successful completion, students will be ready for on-grade instruction that builds upon that skill. You can teach your curriculum, confident that all your students are ready to learn it. If students lack some skills they need, additional PAL Packets are available on the CDs that come with the books. These Parent-Assisted Learning activities help students catch up with the rest of the class. The PAL activities are provided in both English and Spanish.

Grade(s): 6
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