• Elementary Fraction Kit

Elementary Fraction Kit

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Our elementary kit provides your students with concrete and symbolic representations of fractions. Help your students understand the challenging concepts of fractions, fractional relationships, and equivalency. You'll have plenty of hands-on fraction models to get everyone involved, as well as domino games, flip books with activities, and a complete resource.
- Fraction Circles, plastic, 8 sets
- Fraction Squares, plastic, 8 sets
- Fraction Tiles, plastic, 8 sets
- Overhead Fraction Circles
- Overhead Fraction Squares
- Overhead Fraction Tiles
- Fraction Dominoes
- Equivalence Dominoes
- Fraction Lotto
- Fraction Flip Books and Activity Cards
- Percent, Decimal, Fraction Flip Stand
- Fraction Dice, 24
- Early Fraction Book, Grades 3-4
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