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Help the puppies find their bones! Press on the electronic barking dog - he will bark the number of spaces you move (1, 2 or 3). When your puppy lands on a space beside a bone, he can pick it up using his magnetic nose. If the color of the bone matches your puppy, you get to move it to your doghouse! The first to find 3 matching bones wins! For 2-4 players. Contents: game board, 4 puppies, 1 electronic barking dog, 12 bones, game rules. By INTERNATIONAL PLAYTHINGS LLC A first color matching memory game. Three colorful turtles with interchangeable shells. Players roll the color dice. If the colors rolled match the colors of one of the turtles they get to look at a memory card. If the memory card matches too, they win the card. As the game progresses, players must remember what's on the facedown cards. Fun for all ages! Contents: 3 turtles, 3 turtle shells, 2 extra-large dice, 27 memory game cards, Game rules. For 2-4 players, Ages 3 . By INTERNATIONAL PLAYTHINGS LLC Race to pick up the food as the wok shakes and rolls! Players use chop sticks to grab the food out of the wok to place into their colored bowls. It's a challenge even when the wok sits still on the table - when you turn on the game and it spins and turns it's even harder! For 2-4 players. Contents: Wok, 4 chop sticks, 48 food pieces, game rules in English and French.
By INTERNATIONAL PLAYTHINGS LLC This classic race and chase" game is fun for the whole family! Pop the dice and move your colored penguins around the "icy" game board. If you manage to get them "home" first you win. But, if they fall off the icy bridges, you'll have to start all over again! Contents: Game board with popping die, 4 ice bridges, 16 colored penguins, Game rules. For 2-4 players, ages 4 . By INTERNATIONAL PLAYTHINGS LLC
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