• Decoding Math Word Problems Grade 3

Decoding Math Word Problems Grade 3

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Decoding Math Word ProblemsMany students struggle with word problems and the ability to develop the necessary critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Each reproducible book in this innovative, new series includes grade-appropriate word problems on numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, algebra and data analysis. Lessons include cross curricular story problems, and strategies and step-by-step instructions for solving the problems. Whether working individually, in small groups, or with the whole class, students will learn there's more than one way to solve a problem. Students can use the unique overhead transparency answer key to check their own work at the end of each lesson. Clearly aligned with NCTM Standards, so you can quickly evaluate students' progress in each skill and respond accordingly. This series helps students learn how to: -Understand math vocabulary -Look for clue words that indicate which math operations to use -Filter out information that is irrelevant to the problem -Choose a strategy that will help them overcome the hurdles of a story problem. Each book includes: -35 pages of self-checking story problems -4 overhead transparency answer sheets
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