• Counting Cookies Electronic Play Mat

Counting Cookies Electronic Play Mat

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Smart Snacks? Counting Cookies? Electronic Play Mat
Early math that's a treat! Active way to learn number sense and recognition, counting (up and down), and simple addition and subtraction with numbers 0 - ;10. Great for all learning styles - ;combines kinesthetic movement, positive audio reinforcement and colorful graphics. Includes 4 play options: Cookie Count from 0 - ;10 and 10 - ;0, Find the Cookie by number name, What's Next in a number sequence, and More or Less (add or subtract). Durable, vinyl mat includes volume control. Measures 32"L x 32"H. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included. For 1 - ;3 players. Grades PreK

How to Play (What's Next?):
- Listen to 3 numbers announced in sequence
- Hop on the cookie number that comes next
- Hear positive feedback for correct steps!
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