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Conciencia Fonemica

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Readers are an essential part of any comprehensive literacy program, and literacy research indicates that students learn best when they learn to read first in their native language. Spanish-speaking students learning to read Spanish will delight in these engaging stories written by native speakers. The stories are fun, and the writing captures the repetition of sounds, musicality and rhythm that is characteristic of the Spanish language. The text and activities are color-coded to support our Reading Rodsr en espa?ol line, with manipulative-based activities in each book. The focus of each book correlates directly with the content of the Reading Rodsr en espa?ol kits, with each reader focusing on the skills from two of the corresponding kit's lessons. Includes 11 unique stories featuring original illustrations on every page, plus a Teaching Guide. Books are 16 pages each and measure 8" x 8". Comes in a sturdy and attractive box suitable for classroom display. Rods sold separately. Designed for students with minimal or no literacy skills, this set of readers focuses on letter recognition, understanding the letter-sound relationship, and learning to read open syllables (ma, me, mi, mo, mu, etc.). For use with LER 7035 Conciencia fon?mica (Phonemic Awareness) Kit or LER 7034 Letras y dibujos (Spanish Letters & Pictures) Reading Rods Set.Set of 11 readers plus Teaching Guide.
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