These uniquely designed cards (4" x 6") will actively engage students in problem solving and promote mathematical discussion. They can be used with the whole class to form collaborative groups or in smaller groups or individually. A great way to reinforce key concepts! In addition to activity cards, each set includes comprehensive teachers guide with answers and access to website for resources.  Set contains 120 cards, 40 cards per grade level, that can be assigned on and off-grade level as necessary. Grade 6 students work with the coordinate plane and nets as they calculate the area of triangles and other polygons and find the volume and surface area of prisms. Grade 7 students solve problems involving scale drawings of geometric figures, describe the 2-D figures that result from slicing 3-D figures, and identify unknown angle measures in figures. Grade 8 students work with transformations on the coordinate plane, understand similarity, apply the Pythagorean theorem, and calculate the volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres.
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