• Classroom Jeopardy!

Classroom Jeopardy!

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Includes Scoreboard/Base Control Unit with three eraseable whiteboard player/team name cards, detachable keyboard, three wireless Student Remote Controllers, one wireless remote MC Controller, one cartridge with pre-programmed sampler games plus blank storage space, one cable, and complete, easy-to-follow guide.

From the excitement of the Daily Double to the famous strains of the Jeopardy! think music, Classroom Jeopardy! plays exactly like the real thing. The player or team selects a category and value, which you enter in your Emcee remote controller. The answer is instantly displayed on your TV screen in large type that's visible even from the back of the room. When players or teams buzz in on their wireless remote controllers, you only have to press correct or incorrect on the emcee unit, and the elctronic scoreboard takes care of adding (or subtracting) the points automatically.
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