• Classroom Jeopardy II Game

Classroom Jeopardy II Game

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Classroom Jeopardy! brings 100% of the lights, sounds, and action of the TV show to your school! Best of all, it's designed to make it super-easy to write your own questions to quiz the subjects your students need to learn, whether they're working on single-digit subtraction or molecular biochemistry! From the excitement of the Daily Double to the famous strains of the Jeopardy! Think Music. Classroom Jeopardy! plays exactly like the real thing. Creating your own customized games is so easy, you (or your students) can do it in minutes. Simply plug the special detachable keyboard into the back of the scoreboard unit and follow the simple prompts on the LCD display to type in your Jeopardy categories and "answers." Your game is automatically saved on a convenient plug-in cartridge that holds 10-12 games, so you'll have it at your fingertips for next year's class, or to swap with other teachers. Then just connect one cable (included) from the scoreboard to a TV (not included), and that's it you're ready to play! Classroom Jeopardy! Includes Scoreboard/Base Control Unit with three eraseable whiteboard player/team name cards, detachable keyboard, three wireless Student Remote Controllers, one wireless remote Emcee Controller, one cartridge with pre-programmed sampler games plus blank storage space, one cable, and complete, easy-to-follow guide.
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