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This is...Jeopardy! Transform your classroom into an interactive game show, engage your students, and watch test scores sky rocket with Classroom Jeopardy?! Simply connect to your classroom TV, interactive white board, or any digital projector. Then download one of hundreds of free teacher-created games or easily create and play your own customized games featuring audio clues, still images, even video clips -- Classroom Jeopardy plays just like the game on TV, but with your educational content!

Main Unit/Scoreboard
- 3 player/team electronic scoreboard with write-on/wipe-off surface
- Features the voices of Johnny Gilbert and Alex Trebek NEW
- LED lights indicate buzz-in status of each player/team and which player/team is currently in control of the board
- Easily stackable with additional scoreboard units (sold separately)

Wireless Teacher Remote
- Selects from games stored on included Flash drive NEW
- Navigates on-screen game board
- Includes built-in answer key display and awards correct and incorrect responses NEW
- Features texting-style buttons to add player/team names on-screen NEW

Student Remotes
- Set of 3 included; additional sets sold separately
- Feature fast-action buzz-in buttons and LED lights to indicate buzz-in status and board control status NEW

Daily Double and Final Jeopardy! Wager Boards and Dry Erase Marker NEW
- Set of 3 included; additional sets sold separately

Classroom Jeopardy! Clue Studio Software
- (included on Flash drive) NEW
- Easily create clues and responses on PC and Mac
- Supports addition of audio, images, and video to clues NEW
- Supports cut and paste from other applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint NEW
- Includes romance language characters for foreign language games NEW
- Includes key math symbols for math games NEW
- Automatically updates all old Classroom Jeopardy! games NEW

Flash Drive NEW
- For easy game transfer from computer to unit
- Stores multiple games (including all inserted media) simultaneously

Clue Crew Set Up Video NEW
- Jimmy, Sarah & Kelly walk you through easy set up and game creation - ;included on Flash drive

Includes built in speakers NEW and all necessary hardware including A/C adaptor and 6' A/V cable

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