Calling all chocoholics and baking fans! Get ready for some ooeygooey fudgy find-it fun. The brownies have cooled and are ready to be taken out of the pan—just spin the spinner to find the matching brownie and scoop it with your spatula. Sounds simple, but be careful—spin a burnt piece and you'll lose a brownie, or if you get clumsy and spill the milk, you'll miss a turn. This recipe for memory and matching is sure to leave players hungry for more! For 2-4 players.Ages 3+The nitty-gritty:· 16 Brownie game pieces· 1 Spatula· 1 Game spinner· 4 Plates· Multilingual instruction guideHow to Play:1. Place all brownies with sprinkles facing up in the ‘pan' (the inside of your packaging)!2. Players take turns spinning the spinner to determine which number they need to match to their brownie or what action they'll need to follow.3. If a number is spun, use the spatula to find and flip over a brownie with the corresponding number. Find a matching numbered brownie? Put it on your plate! If you find the special "A la mode"brownie, keep that brownie and spin again! But watch out—spin the milk and you'll lose a turn.4. First player to collect 5 brownies wins!
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