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Breadwinner Lit Link Gr 4-6

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Based on the true-life stories of women in Afghan refugee camps, The Breadwinner is an engrossing novel that delves into the harsh realitites of life for girls and women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Eleven-year-old Parvana and her family have rarely been outdoors for a year and a half. No longer can she or her siblings attend school, or play outdoors. The family's situation becomes perilous when Parvana's father is taken away to jail. It is then that Parvana is forced to take on the responsibility of being the "breadwinner" for her small family. Disguised as a boy, Parvana goes out to the marketplace each day to offer her skills as a reader. Here Parvana realizes a freedom that she has not known in a long time. But will she be safe? 64 pages.
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