• Brain Quest Know The States Game

Brain Quest Know The States Game

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How well do you know the states? Well, you're about to learn all about American geography and culture in a really fun way! With questions designed by grade level, children from 3rd grade - 7th grade can all play this game together on a level playing field. Players move around the map game board and answer questions about cities, states, lakes, rivers, oceans, national parks, crops, industries, and more. When they answer a question correctly, they'll earn that state's flag. The first player to collect 6 state flags, wins the game. It's an exciting and educational trivia game that makes learning USA geography lots of fun! Comes with 440 Questions, Game Board, State Flag Tokens, Score Cards, 4 Pawns, Die, and Game Instructions. For 2 or More Players, Ages 8 and Up
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