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Big Cat Math Game

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Big Cat Math? Early Operations Game
This 15-minute game is quick as a cat! Builds fluency with addition and subtraction facts. Focuses on early operations and algebraic skills as students make and solve simple equations with numbers 0 - ;10. Three levels of memory-style game play. Includes 48 color-coded number spots, 10 wild spots, 16 operation spots, 4 yarn-ball answer cards and cat-shaped game board measuring 19"L x 13"H. For 2 - ;4 players. Grades 1

How to Play (Level 1):
- Place 3 addition spots and 3 number spot sums on your game card
- Flip over 2 numbers on the board.
- Fit them into your number sentences and keep them! If not, put them back.
- First to make 3 correct equations wins!
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